Our Process

Otahuhu Chrome Platers take care to carefully track your valuable items and ensure they receive the attention to detail that is required to ensure a quality finish!

From tagging the parts at time of delivery to final inspection prior to pick up, our process is the result of working with some of the most fastidious car builders, engineers, boat builders and vehicle owners in New Zealand.

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Our Process from Delivery to Pick up

Receiving, logging and tagging.
All work is written up photographed, boxed and name tagged with a list of all parts written that follows the job thru the system.

Initial preparation
All existing chrome or paint is stripped off totally back to bare metal. If surface rust is present we treat the rust with a special rust treatment process. After this preparation work is complete it is inspected for repairs.

Repair if needed.
If repairs are required our in house repairer will quote the repairs to the customer before going ahead. Once repairs are done all the parts go into the in house polishing shop for a complete linish and high quality polish ready for the chrome plating process.

Parts are then wired up on gigs..
All parts are thoroughly cleaned in a chemical bath with an electro charge put thru the job to revitalize the metal. It goes from the cleaner to the water bath and then into the two stage copper baths for copper plating.

Copper finish.
Once copper plated, we un-jig the job and into the polishing shop for copper finishing which involves polishing the copper to high shine.

Back out for re-jigging and then the Nickel Plating process begins.
Then into water bath and the final process is the bright chrome.

We also offer Satin chrome which involves a polishing process between plating.

Final clean and polish.
From the chrome plating bath the part is washed off with water and then placed into a hot water bath and then hung up to dry.

Once dry we dress the finished chrome with a high quality chrome polish for a flawless shine.

Ready to be collected.
All work is wrapped and boxed ready for customer to collect. Customer is phoned to advise work is complete.

Chrome Plating has a 5 year guarantee
- some metals and parts excluded

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