Otahuhu Chrome Platers

Otahuhu Chrome Platers offers a wide range of services from chrome plating top of the line Hot Rods, Muscle Cars, Classic, Vintage & Concourse car parts.

As well as polishing stainless steel, aluminium, and chrome plating brass and polishing stainless steel for super yachts and all marine vessels.

Attention to detail at the preparation stage secures the absolute best base to build a great finish.

Our in house stripping and rust treatment along with polishing ensures the best possible result in mirror finish chrome.

The premier choice for your project

Otahuhu Chrome Platers have looked after customers for over 46 years and our work is featured on some of the finest vehicles in New Zealand and overseas.

Otahuhu Chrome Platers have supported the Beach Hop for many years. We are the preferred chrome restoration plater and metal polisher for the Beach Hop project cars and bikes.

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Otahuhu Chrome Platers Ltd
20 Huia Road
Auckland 1640
Phn 09) 276 9689